Strangest Pets in Video Games


With quirky personalities all their own, it's difficult to not fall in love with pets. We're intrigued by their thought-processes and smitten by their charm, even if they cannot use magic spells to destroy our enemies as our video game companions often can. Inspired in part by Fiery Corgis in WOW, here are… »11/05/14 5:30am11/05/14 5:30am

Look At These Game Developers Do Normal People Things Like Cuddle Their Pets

There are few things in life as sweet or satisfying as the companionship of a pet. Okay, I think I'm saying that as a crazy-cat-lady-in-the-making, but still! Unable to get a pet of my own, I thought I'd ask developers about their pets. It's a living vicariously through other people thing. Plus, who can resist… »7/06/12 7:00pm7/06/12 7:00pm