One Very Practical Use For Old 360 Controllers

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As the Xbox 360 sails off into the sunset, and its trade-in value weakens by the day, plenty of people are going to be left with old controllers. Rather than let GameStop give you 17 cents for one, why not turn it into the world's coolest dog leash?


Mike Warren over at Instructables has shared directions on how to transform a controller into a leash that not only makes it look like you're controlling your pooch, but even has room for a poop bag dispenser.

Game controller dog leash [Instructables]



Speaking of controllers I actually got the chance to hold an Xbox One controller today and I gotta say it feels... awkward. The most obvious change is that the battery pack is no longer jutting out but there was something else about it that I cant quite put my finger on that made it feel uncomfortable in my hands.