EA's Peter Moore: 'We Can Do Better' (And Aren't the Worst Company in America)

Video game giant Electronic Arts might not be rumored to be launching an always-online console, but people are pretty mad at them nonetheless. They have been a lot, lately, and now it seems that EA might be about to repeat its standing in a web poll that invites the online public to name the worst company in America.… »4/05/13 2:15pm4/05/13 2:15pm

Looking Back on Sports' Movers, Makers, and Video Gamers in 2011

A walk-on running back; a dad who couldn't tell his kids what he did; a fat kid who started going to the gym and never stopped. A guy who came to know his sport's greatest venue in ways some champions never will. The top man at sports video gaming's dominant publisher, and a college student who considers himself a… »12/24/11 6:00pm12/24/11 6:00pm

Battlefield's Taken a Piece of Call of Duty's Pie, Says Peter Moore

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 left an inch-deep bootprint on video gaming's biggest retail month, and dominated most measures the popular press use to designate big-game-itude. Yet Peter Moore, the Electronic Arts chief operating officer, is insisting his label's Battlefield 3 drew blood from the year's biggest… »12/08/11 11:00pm12/08/11 11:00pm

Peter Moore: EA Sports' NBA Game "Will Take a Few Years" Before It Competes with NBA 2K

Though recently promoted to Electronic Arts' chief operating officer, EA Sports' old boss, Peter Moore, still is involved with products coming out of that division. And in an interview with IndustryGamers, he said he doesn't expect their next NBA simulation, due in 2012 after a two-year hiatus, to compete with NBA 2K »9/04/11 2:00pm9/04/11 2:00pm