EA Says the Wii U Is On Track

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The Wii U debuted at the E3 gaming expo this past June. Since then, there hasn't been much info about the upcoming Nintendo console. Fret not! EA's Peter Moore is here to tell you everything is a-okay.


"There are no indications that there's anything that feels like it's off target," Moore told Reuters.

According to Moore, the Wii U won't replace the iPad 2, but its tablet-like controller will play into what consumers are confortable with.


EA seems excited about the Wii U. "Our teams are working on it around the world," Moore added. "Our key franchises will be there. We've made that commitment to Nintendo."

Next week, Moore will even be in Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters to check in on the Wii U. Moore plans to learn more about the Wii U's processing power, its price, and when Nintendo plans on shipping the machine.

If it is off track, Peter, be sure to let us know. Likewise for the pricing and the ship date. Kthanxbai.

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(Top photo: Damian Dovarganes | AP)

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Beau Dazzle

What's the point of a third HD system? The show goers said the sticks felt weird or too small if I recall properly, and if they pitched the system with nothing but ports, that's not exactly a hard sell to those of us who eventually got one or both HD systems already out on the market at affordable prices. And wouldn't buying a PS Vita with its Remote Play features of being an additional PS3 controller and supplemental data screen to certain PS3 titles be comparable to the Wii U's touted tablet?

I see absolutely no point for this to exist. History has shown that only about half the time or less has there been room for more than two major home consoles at any one time in North America, and recently even in Japan with the 360. Casual players are already slowly leaving the Wii for casual web or iOS games or are still playing the delightful Wii Sports that they got back in '06.

Nintendo's arrogant "Daddy Knows Best" attitude is going to bite them in the ass here just like it did with the 3DS. Nintendo may get the ball rolling on some innovations, there's no way I can deny that with the massive success of the original DS and even the classic Game Boy having graphics that were "good enough" and at fantastic price points. However, with Sony copying and later perfecting analog control on a gamepad from Nintendo back around 1998 or so, and Nintendo failing to do the same with Sony and especially Microsoft's skill in online gaming infrastructure and digital distribution, Nintendo is really showing how much they are struggling to stay on top of the game. While that is a shame, they have gotten complacent the last six years, and this sort of wake-up call will only help everyone in the gaming industry from Nintendo themselves to us consumers who reap the fruits of their labor.