Mojang v. Bethesda Part 2: The Attorneys (and Notch & Pete) Weigh In

While it may be arguable which came first, the complicated legal codes or the attorneys who get paid by the hour to decode them, what's inarguable is that legal shit is mind-numbingly complicated. Trademark law included.

Take the case of Mojang v. Zenimax, for example. Earlier this week I wrote (and Kotaku republished »10/06/11 2:20pm10/06/11 2:20pm


Fallout 3 Kicks Its Drug Habit, Thanks To Australian Intervention

When Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification board refused to rate Fallout 3, it did so due to one too many drug references. Apparently, the virtual use of opiates in-game — "material promoting or encouraging proscribed drug use," in OFLC-speak; "chems" in game speak — is frowned upon. The uptight… »9/09/08 10:40pm9/09/08 10:40pm