Let's Not Forget the Wonderful Dyad Gaming Chair

The following story originally ran in March of 2011, but since the excellent game it's partially about just came out this week, we're showing it to you again. And, before you ask, the last time I asked Dyad's creator about this special gaming chair, he didn't make it sound like it would be going into… » 7/18/12 10:40am 7/18/12 10:40am

El Shaddai, If Nothing Else, Is One Gorgeous Video Game

The makers of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron don't clutter their game with health bars and point-counters.* They don't put anything in the way of the beautiful game they're creating, one of the head-turners at PAX East in Boston this past weekend. » 3/14/11 5:00pm 3/14/11 5:00pm

Portal 2's Newest Character Is Hilarious (And Possibly Malevolent)

At some unspecified moment in Portal 2, we're going to hear from Cave Johnson, the man who founded Portal research lab Aperture Science. Why we're hearing him is a mystery still unexplained. » 3/14/11 3:00pm 3/14/11 3:00pm

Notorious Illegal Immigration iPhone Game Tweaks Critics With Legal…

If turning the plight of illegal immigrants risking their lives to sneak into the U.S. into a goofy iPhone racing game didn't amuse critics of Smuggle Truck: Operation Immigration, maybe the game's legal immigration mode will. » 3/14/11 10:30am 3/14/11 10:30am

Red Faction Armageddon's Ruin Mode Is A Laboratory Of Destruction

How many buildings on Mars can you destroy in a minute? What if you were armed with a gun that shoots black holes and another that causes the first thing you shoot to fly into the second thing you shoot? » 3/13/11 7:00pm 3/13/11 7:00pm

Let's Learn How To Play The Wonderfully Complex Civilization Board Game

Civilization: The Board Game from Fantasy Flight Games is no mere global Monopoly, no svelte Catan. It is a complicated affair and one that's not so easy to capture on video. » 3/13/11 9:30am 3/13/11 9:30am

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Adds Co-Op And... Is That Rambo?

We here at Kotaku loved the first Toy Soldiers, a downloadable Xbox 360 tower defense game set during World War I. The new one, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, is debuting at PAX East in Boston, where I saw it on Saturday. It looks like a fantastic upgrade. » 3/12/11 11:24pm 3/12/11 11:24pm

Star Trek Fan Dances His Ass Off To Kinect

This man is playing Dance Central, a dancing video game for the Xbox 360's Kinect sensor. He's at Boston's PAX East gaming convention. He is dancing to Bell Biv Devoe's Poison, a song that taught children of the 90s never to trust a big butt and a smile. » 3/12/11 6:46pm 3/12/11 6:46pm

Warp Is My Favorite Scientist-Exploding PAX East Discovery, So Far

I keep asking people who I run into at PAX East to tell me which games I should check out. Thank you, to whoever told me to try Warp. I think it was Eka, hype man extraordinaire for Monday Night Combat. I'm glad I went. Warp lets you be an alien who can warp through doors, into exploding barrels or into scientists… » 3/12/11 1:30pm 3/12/11 1:30pm

Four Minutes That Prove Child Of Eden Is The Prettiest Kinect Game

Child of Eden, spiritual successor to Dreamcast classic Rez is the most colorful, trippy Xbox 360 Kinect game I've ever seen. It'll be out on June 14. Coming to PS3 too. Here it is, played live, at PAX East. » 3/11/11 5:00pm 3/11/11 5:00pm

Nothing Ruins A Peaceful Galaxy Like The Return Of The Sith Empire

BioWare kicks off PAX East with the brand-new Fate of the Galaxy trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Prepare to set your prejudice to maximum, meatbags! » 3/11/11 2:36pm 3/11/11 2:36pm