A Paper Mario Fan Remake Five Years In The Making

We live in the age of remakes, some more necessary than others. Even Nintendo's gotten in on the action with games like Zelda: Wind Waker Wii U. But in the background of all that, a fan's been rebuilding the original Paper Mario for almost half a decade. » 1/05/15 6:05pm 1/05/15 6:05pm

Miyamoto Convinced The People Behind Paper Mario: Sticker Star To Ditch…

Nintendo's got up a great Iwata Asks interview with the folks behind Paper Mario: Sticker Star that's worth a read. » 11/29/12 7:00pm 11/29/12 7:00pm

Paper Mario: Sticker Star: The Kotaku Review

Have you ever played a video game that you had trouble describing as either "good" or "bad"? Have you ever played something so simultaneously delightful yet frustrating that for every smile it put on your face, it made you want to ram a fist through the wall? Have you ever thought "holy crap, this is clever" roughly… » 11/06/12 12:00pm 11/06/12 12:00pm

Nintendo Shows Off All The 3DS Games They're Releasing In The Near…

From Paper Mario to Monster Hunter, here's the full sizzle reel shown off during Nintendo's live-streamed Nintendo Direct event this morning. » 10/25/12 10:57am 10/25/12 10:57am

New Paper Mario Trailer Stars One Hell Of A Goat

Or at least one goat. And a boat. And a world map! And lots of other delightful, charming content that the Paper Mario series is known for. » 10/25/12 10:43am 10/25/12 10:43am

New Paper Mario Trailers Never Fail To Make Me Happy

We've already seen some of the footage in this new trailer for Paper Mario: Sticker Star, but that doesn't make it any less awesome. I love me some Paper Mario. Can't wait for this one. » 10/04/12 3:00pm 10/04/12 3:00pm

The Next Paper Mario Reminds Me Why I Cherished Stickers As A Kid

Stickers, ineffable wonder, and childhood go hand in hand. And perhaps Mario has always spoken to this. Cliff Bleszinski once said that "There's something about the hidden element to Mario where you jump and hit your head on a block and just out of nowhere secret things would appear. They made you feel like a kid in… » 10/04/12 1:00pm 10/04/12 1:00pm

Ten Minutes Of The New Paper Mario Is Not Enough.

Few video game series are as consistently delightful as Paper Mario, Nintendo's charming set of plumber-themed RPGs. Paper Mario: Sticker Star, out this fall for 3DS, looks to be no exception. It's funny, weird, and quite charming. » 9/05/12 4:30pm 9/05/12 4:30pm

The Newest Paper Mario Looks Awesome

Nintendo is putting a new spin on Paper Mario with its upcoming entry in the series, Paper Mario: Sticker Star. The game features sticker spin on the Paper Mario games, and players will be collecting stickers through out the game, which can even be used when battling enemies. The game will be out later this year. » 8/29/12 7:35am 8/29/12 7:35am

Watch New Videos of Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Kid…

Nintendo laid out its game plan for the Nintendo 3DS well into 2012 at a press conference in Tokyo today, showering us with new games and new media for its 3D handheld. Let's catch up. » 9/13/11 6:20pm 9/13/11 6:20pm

Nintendo Has Mario Tennis, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing for Nintendo…

The Nintendo 3DS's 2012 is already looking rosy with new versions of Mario Tennis, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing planned for a 2012 release—at least in Japan. » 9/12/11 11:30pm 9/12/11 11:30pm

Star Fox, Paper Mario & Mario Kart Are All Lookin' Good On The 3DS

It's funny, we got so used to seeing DS games for so long that it started to feel like all Nintendo handheld games for all time would look like N64 games. That's certainly not the case. » 1/10/11 8:00am 1/10/11 8:00am

Show Us Your Tats

Two more readers have decided to permanently mark their bodies to show how much they love gaming (and wearing sleeves for job interviews). The first — Jim Osterhout — had his Fallout tat done back in 2005. A stylish, almost calligraphic, Vault Boy in black ink with yellow and red highlights (and a bonus penguin). Jim… » 9/19/08 8:40pm 9/19/08 8:40pm

Nintendo Sued, Then Not Sued, Over GameCube Commercial

Nintendo fans (and television viewers!) may remember a commercial Nintendo ran a few years back. For Paper Mario, on the GameCube. Was a great ad, with a cute message, and a charming little tune accompanying it. Problem is, that charming little tune is called "You're So Cool", and was composed by Oscar-winner Hans… » 6/24/08 11:20pm 6/24/08 11:20pm