Meet Final Combat, China's Shameless Team Fortress 2 Rip-off

The game makers of China, not content to let the Koreans corner the market on Team Fortress 2 clones, have created their own in Final Combat, only this one is way, way more blatant than previous efforts. » 6/16/11 9:00pm 6/16/11 9:00pm

Chinese Prisoners 'Forced' to Play Video Games, Farm Your MMO Gold

Inmates at China's Jixi prison labor camp are tasked with backbreaking, mind-numbing work: mining rock, carving chopsticks by hand, and assembly line work. Some are even forced to endure grueling video game play, farming for gold in online games. » 5/25/11 9:00pm 5/25/11 9:00pm

Call Of Duty For China Is Free To Play

The people who publish Call of Duty have been talking about their plans to bring more players into the online multiplayer fold, specifically targeting Asian players. Today, Activision finally divulged some details on its Chinese Call of Duty plans. » 2/09/11 5:40pm 2/09/11 5:40pm

You're One To Talk, Japan!

A giant mecha statue is going up in China. It looks like Gundam — if Gundam was sickly orange and built by men on bamboo poles. Japanese netizens are holding this up as another Chinese rip-off. Is Japan really one to talk? » 12/14/10 2:00am 12/14/10 2:00am

China's Game Machine Slaughter House

While it appears that nearly all of these 600 video game machines are used for gambling, it doesn't make their death at the hand of Chinese police any less tragic. I can see copies of World of Warcraft going into a bonfire next. » 9/22/10 12:30am 9/22/10 12:30am

China's New Battle Against Engrish

While the botched "Engrish" translations in video games like Zero Wing, the Ninja Warriors and Metal Gear have provided us with years of amusement and long-running memes, officials in China are trying to stamp out mangled English. » 5/07/10 2:30am 5/07/10 2:30am

Chinese Gov't Tries To Officially Ban Gold Farming

Friday, the Chinese government attempted to address the reported $500 million gold farming industry, said to employ some 400,000 workers, in the form of a ruling on the exchange of "virtual currency" for real world cash. » 6/29/09 6:20pm 6/29/09 6:20pm

Game Addict Swallows Saw Blades to Commit Suicide

A 23-year-old Beijing game addict was rushed to a hospital after swallowing five pieces of saw blades in an attempt to commit suicide, the Beijing Legal Times reports. » 1/12/09 11:00am 1/12/09 11:00am

Giant Online Revenue Falls, Still Rockin' the Chinese Market

Despite declining stock value, Giant Interactive — the company behind the intriguing MMO Zhengtu Online » 11/22/08 1:30pm 11/22/08 1:30pm, which is a mix of MMO, gambling, real money transactions, and gold farming — is still tearing up the Chinese market. Steve of PlayNoEvil has some interesting analysis up of some recent numbers, which have…

Shanda Bans Player, Sued For Causing 'Emotional Distress'

Poor Shanda. Poor Chinese game companies! A surprising number of suits have been brought against them in the past year, but this — for a more reasonable 11,000 RMB ($1600) — takes the current cake. Shanda froze the account of a Legend of Mir » 8/23/08 3:40pm 8/23/08 3:40pm player (for unspecified reasons), who is now suing for and the return of…

Moving Beyond the Neon Lights in Chinese Gaming

In China, it's the glitzy cities that get the attention — Shanghai in particular is the city that garners the most attention in scholarship (and frequently in the press). I was somewhat relieved to see that this is not confined merely to China specialists, but game industry watcher types as well — the most recent… » 7/12/08 3:30pm 7/12/08 3:30pm

Chengdu Police Arrest Two Gold Farmers

Steve at PlayNoEvil noted this little news story, which involves two Chinese gold farmers who have pulled in over $200K USD being arrested in China. Why? How, exactly? Well, it would appear that one of the pair felt they were being swindled out of profits and reported his partner to the police: » 5/11/08 2:30pm 5/11/08 2:30pm

Chinese MMOs Go After Tibetans ... Er, 'Drug Smugglers'

Oh, the punny, punny Chinese language — an article from an Indian site noted that a "new online game" is offering Chinese players the chance to go after people engaging in cangdu (smuggling drugs, 藏毒) which, if you use the other pronunciation of the first character, sounds like zangdu (Tibetan independence, 藏獨). Some… » 5/10/08 12:30pm 5/10/08 12:30pm