Orange You Glad China Has A Giant Mecha?

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In summer 2009, Bandai Namco constructed an enormous, life-sized 59-foot-tall Gundam statue in Tokyo, following with an updated version earlier this year. China is working on one of it's own, but don't tell Namco Bandai.


Apparently, a theme park in China's Szechwan is constructing a slightly smaller Gundam-type statue of its own, in glorious orange. Details about the statue are scant, but Gundam seems to be gaining in popularity in China, hence this creation.

For better or worse, China is known for its loose interpretation of copyright law, which is something that the Chinese government is actively trying to change. Perhaps a Gundam© Beam Saber™ would help?

中華なガンダム? 実物大ガンダムが中国に出現 [Gizmodo Japan]


Frosted Mini-Wheats

Right. "Statue". Right.

Come on, you can treat us with some respect. I don't think anyone was fooled when Japan announced the giant robot "statue" project. We all know that this is the product of a top secret government organization and is only to be used as a defense of last resort.

It was pretty ballsy thinking they could hide this superweapon in plain site, and now it's coming back to bite them.

The question is not "Why is China making a giant robot?", we must assume that all industrialized nations already have robots and teenagers who personify their cultural stereotypes ready to pilot on a moments notice. The question is "Why is China bringing their big guns out now?". Isn't it obvious? This is about North Korea.

Mark my words: if things erupt in Korea like it seems they might, you will see those two robots taken down ASAP. Sure, we probably won't have photographic "proof" that they've been redeployed to the Korean peninsula, but we'll know it's true.

There is one other important question, "How many robots does China have?". We know that China's industrial capacity for cheap knockoffs (and make no mistake, this is based on the very blueprints the Japanese used) is unparalleled. I think it's reasonable to assume they have at least a dozen, but we can only hope for more.

Why? Because the inverse law of Nina lethality applies to giant robots as well. As long as Japan only has one robot standing in defense, it will be indomitable.

"Wait!" I hear you ask, "What about all the other nations' Robot Leigons?". Clearly you aren't properly educated about the economics or politics of our modern age. Yes, other nations have robots, but they were all made in China! These robots will cease to function should they be deployed contrary to FOXCONN's interests.

Honestly. I shouldn't need to explain this stuff. It's pretty obvious really.