Onimusha and His Tree Subject Of New Taiwan Meme

Takeshi Kaneshiro, who will forever be known for Onimusha, is in the headlines again in Taiwan after a typhoon blew through the island earlier this month. Interestingly enough, Kaneshiro himself wasn't making the waves, but rather a tree that he sat under in a commercial once. » 7/28/14 7:30am 7/28/14 7:30am

No Objections to Resident Evil's "Deaf Composer" in Ace Attorney

The controversy around Resident Evil's supposed "deaf composer" has been the center of attention in Japan and recently culminated in what could only be described as "a fiasco" worthy of everyone's favorite video game courtroom. » 3/20/14 6:00am 3/20/14 6:00am

Did Capcom Know Its Deaf Composer Apparently Isn't Deaf?

Mamoru Samuragoch was previously known as "Japan's Beethoven." Now, he's being called the country's biggest music fraud. And according to one insider, a certain game company knew. » 2/13/14 4:30am 2/13/14 4:30am

Resident Evil Composer Admits to Being a Fraud

Mamoru Samuragoch* has been called "Japan's Beethoven." Even as he went deaf, Samuragoch continued to compose scores for video games like Resident Evil and Onimusha. This week, he revealed that he used a ghost composer. » 2/05/14 6:20am 2/05/14 6:20am

Keiji Inafune Is Taking Your Questions Right Now [Q&A Is Finished]

Mega Man. Onimusha. Dead Rising. These are just a small sample of games from Keiji Inafune. Now, he's working on a new title, Mighty No. 9. Oh, he's also answering your questions, right here! » 9/23/13 9:32pm 9/23/13 9:32pm

The Cameo Characters Are the Only Special Thing about Onimusha Soul

Late last week we took a look at the scores of famous Capcom characters that have gotten samurai redesigns in the online social game Onimusha Soul. But sadly, while the cameo characters really are cool to look at, everything else in the game just feels run-of-the-mill for a collectible online card game. » 8/13/13 6:00am 8/13/13 6:00am

On August 1, Capcom is announcing 13 new games that range from smartphone titles to next-gen games as part of its streaming "Network Game Conference". There's also expected to be news regarding Monster Hunter Frontier G and Onimusha Soul. » 7/23/13 7:50am 7/23/13 7:50am

Rumor: The Former Face Of Onimusha Is Giving Up Video Games

Asian Superstar actor Takeshi Kaneshiro is supposedly giving up video games for good, according to an article by the Apple Daily News in Taiwan. » 7/15/13 8:00am 7/15/13 8:00am

Video Games With The Most Memorable Pre-Rendered Backgrounds

Pre-rendered graphics weren't only used in complex cinematic cutscenes back in the day when a game's own 3D engine couldn't do the job. Developers also used them as in-game backgrounds to bypass graphical limitations. And some of the games had really well-made, atmospheric pre-rendered backgrounds. » 5/10/13 6:30pm 5/10/13 6:30pm

The Coolest Video Games Set in Feudal Japan

It is always nice to see a video game set in the feudal, pre-industrial era of Japan. The Japanese countryside in general has a special, comforting atmosphere, and combining it with badass samurai warriors and political drama always has spectacular results. We have selected games for today's Show Us gallery that both… » 3/13/13 7:50am 3/13/13 7:50am

Dead Rising Creator Keiji Inafune Hurt Himself. He'll Be Okay!

Chalk this up as Japanese developer minutia, but Keiji Inafune, creator of Dead Rising and Onimusha, pulled a muscle in his calf while playing tennis. Recovery will take a month.
[Keiji Inafune だぜ!!] » 1/11/12 6:10am 1/11/12 6:10am

How One Fistfight Influenced a Lifetime of Video Games

"I was all bloody," Keiji Inafune said recently. The game developer, best known for titles like Dead Rising and Mega-Man, was recalling a time before he made video games, the time he was in junior high school, growing up in one of Japan's toughest areas and getting punched. » 5/16/11 11:40am 5/16/11 11:40am

Capcom Explains How They Will Carry on Without Mega Man Creator

Capcom spent the week and a half following Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune's resignation from the Japanese developer reassigning producers to his games and reorganizing the company, Capcom told Kotaku today. » 10/29/10 4:30pm 10/29/10 4:30pm

Dead Rising Producer Hates His Job, He Wants To Retire

In a recent interview, Capcom's Keiji Inafune (of Dead Rising and Onimusha fame) talks about the impossible, doing the impossible and how that makes game developers grow as people. He also says he hates his job. » 10/12/10 3:00am 10/12/10 3:00am

Onimusha Series Bundled For Savings, Convenience

Games can be expensive. Christmas is coming. The world lurches towards economic oblivion. What's a product that covers all three of those bases? The Onimusha bundle, that's what! » 12/08/08 3:30am 12/08/08 3:30am