Zynga's "Walking Dead" Must Train Their Replacements or Lose Severance

The east coast presence of Zynga, that once-proud and mighty maker of tractor simulators, has been decimated—but it looks like it's not completely gone. Yet. A skeleton crew of doomed software refugees is sticking around Zynga's Manhattan turf, given the terrible "choice" between staying on longer or forfeiting their… »6/05/13 5:25pm6/05/13 5:25pm


After Getting Laid Off From Zynga, These Guys... Partied?

A year ago, sketch-centric guessing game Draw Something became an inescapable phenomenon, pulling in millions of people each day. That success led to a surprising $210 million acquisition of dev studio OMGPOP by Zynga. On Monday, many of those creators were victim of a harsh 520-person culling as Zynga desperately… »6/05/13 9:40am6/05/13 9:40am

Remember Draw Something? Millions of People Don't Like it Anymore

A month or so ago, it's entirely likely that you were caught up in the frenzy surrounding Draw Something, trading goofy doodles back and forth with friends as you played the popular word-guessing game. But now, you might be one of the millions of people who've unceremoniously dropped Draw Something out of their lives. »5/09/12 5:00pm5/09/12 5:00pm

Draw Something CEO Backs Down When Notch Calls Out His Uncalled-For Twitter Rage

Shay Pierce made it clear why he turned down steady pay and benefits when Zynga bought his old employer, OMGPOP, the makers of Draw Something. He was concerned that his ownership of a personally developed and published game on the iTunes App store would be a conflict. He chose not to join Zynga with the rest of… »4/01/12 4:00pm4/01/12 4:00pm

The FarmVille People Just Bought the Draw Something People For a Reported $200 Million

A conference call with Zynga's David Ko today confirmed rumors that the social game development company has acquired OMGPOP, the creators of mobile pictionary game Draw Something. Dan Porter, CEO of OMGPOP, will now be the Vice President and General Manager at Zynga Mobile NY. Zynga would not comment on the monetary… »3/21/12 4:15pm3/21/12 4:15pm

Draw Something, Even If It Looks Like A Two-Year Old’s Work of Art

Do you want a challenge? I'm not talking about how well you can aim a headshot, or the dexterity of your fingers that speaks to how good a platform gamer you are. I'm talking about communication. OMGPOP's Draw Something »3/07/12 12:10pm3/07/12 12:10pm is a drawing game that challenges your ability to take a concept—like "dolphin"—and translate that…