New PS4 Accessory Will Let You Swap In Larger, Cheaper Hard Drives

Not too long ago, it would have been hard to imagine filling up a game console with more than 500GB of stuff, but many of us have already reached that point. At CES, Nyko announced the Data Bank for the PlayStation 4, which both replaces the internal drive and allows 3.5" drives to qualify as internal storage.… » 1/06/15 4:15pm 1/06/15 4:15pm

More Interesting Solutions For Charging Your New Controllers

If you're looking for more elegant ways to charge your DualShock 4s and Xbox One controllers, we've got some creative new spins for you. » 8/20/14 4:45pm 8/20/14 4:45pm

Double Your DualShock 4's Battery Life With This Backpack Battery

Nyko's Power Pak is a backpack battery for your DualShock 4 that aims to double the battery life without messing with the ergonomics. » 8/01/14 3:15pm 8/01/14 3:15pm

Nyko Is Already Attaching Things To Your Xbox One and PS4 Controllers

Clever, clever Nyko. Banking on Xbox Smart Glass and the second-screen experience being a big part of the next generation of consoles, they've readied a means to bolt your phone onto your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller. » 6/11/13 6:30pm 6/11/13 6:30pm

LittleBigPlanet Vita is an Excellent Reason to Pick Up a Nyko Power Grip

With LittleBigPlanet Vita utilizing the touch controls of Sony's latest handheld to make creating and sharing levels more accessible than ever before, budding creators will need a lot of juice to bring their vision to life. Enter Nyko's battery-enhancing Power Grip, making Sony's dream of a batarang controller a… » 9/18/12 8:30am 9/18/12 8:30am

A Controller Solution That Strikes at the Very Core of Android Tablet…

Last week I reported on Power A's MOGA portable gaming system for Android devices, a system that allows developers to quickly integrate game pad support into their Android titles. Nyko's PlayPad line of tablet controllers might not be quite as elegant, but they make up for that lack of style by being compatible with… » 6/12/12 1:30pm 6/12/12 1:30pm

This Transforming Stick Wants to Change the Way You Play Fighting Games

While other hardware manufacturers focus on releasing high-quality arcade fight sticks that follow the same basic formula, Nyko allows players to change everything with the Free Fighter, a $179.999 programmable fighting game controller with a singular look and a unique modular design. » 6/12/12 8:30am 6/12/12 8:30am

The 3DS' Circle Pad Pro Gets a Very Attractive Makeover

Nintendo's official 3DS Circle Pad Pro extension is, well, it's not very pretty. It's also getting hard to find. Thank the maker for Nyko, then, who have not only produced the world's first third-party alternative, but have come up with something that looks much nicer than Nintendo's offering. » 6/12/12 3:20am 6/12/12 3:20am

Can a Video Game Accessory Teach You Not to Bite Your Friends?

As a father of a pair of twin boys addicted to musical television shows, I'm not sure the prospect of a Nintendo DS / iPhone dock alarm clock containing 30 songs from the hit children's show Yo Gabba Gabba is a blessing or a curse. » 6/07/12 9:30pm 6/07/12 9:30pm

With Skype on the PS Vita Nyko's Speaker Stand is Doubly Handy

Available now at GameStop locations across the U.S. Nyko's Speaker Stand for the PS Vita adds a little more oomph to the Sony portable's sound, and transforms it into a handy mobile Skype solution. » 4/24/12 9:30pm 4/24/12 9:30pm

What Can You Expect From Nyko for the Vita? Whatever Sold for the PSP

When it comes to mobile gaming, first party acessories can get damn expensive. That's where Nyko comes in. When it comes to third party gaming accessories, nobody is as prolific and nobody gets their gear to market faster. » 1/14/12 2:00pm 1/14/12 2:00pm

Nyko Parades PlayStation Vita Performance Enhancers at CES

Nyko never met a console or portable it couldn't make a ton of additional crap for, and the upcoming PlayStation Vita is no different. At CES 2012 in Las Vegas the peripheral maker debuts its launch lineup of Vita accessories. » 1/10/12 9:00am 1/10/12 9:00am

Clean, Convenient Refreshment for Your PS3 Controller

Because of the USB port on the PS3 controller, I always considered the DualShock charging stations I saw at Best Buy to be like bottled water. Why pay for something that's already provided for free, right? Just plug the damn thing in when it runs low on juice. » 11/04/11 10:00pm 11/04/11 10:00pm

Soon Your Kinect Space Requirement Woes Will Be a Thing of the Past

Come August 23 I will no longer need to move my couch in order to get my Just Dance on, thanks to Nyko's Kinect clip-on Zoom device. How much would you pay to cut your Kinect's space requirements by 40 percent? » 7/06/11 12:00pm 7/06/11 12:00pm

Hey City People! You Can Finally Play Kinect Without Serious Risk of…

There's not much to say about Nyko's wide-angle lens attachment for the Kinect—which widens and shortens the Kinect sensor's point of view, allowing you (and a friend) to play way closer to the sensor—except that it works. » 6/08/11 4:51pm 6/08/11 4:51pm

Nyko Zoom for Kinect Lets You Play in the Tiniest Apartments

A pair of lenses that clip onto your Kinect, Nyko's Zoom reduces the distance you need to play Kinect by up to 40 percent. If it works, it sounds terribly useful, especially in New York City (trust me).… [ Gizmodo » 6/06/11 5:04pm 6/06/11 5:04pm]

Nyko's Move Rifle Is A Nice Shot But Not Enough To Break Through

I don't know if I'll ever be sold on the idea that motion-control in first-person shooters can provide any greater fun or any means of shortening the genre's tactical learning curve into something more instinctive. It is, as I've said, like trying to turn a doorknob with barbecue tongs. You're just better off turning… » 4/22/11 6:00pm 4/22/11 6:00pm