Nyko's Lovely Xbox One Data Hump Arrives Just In The Nick Of Too Late

Nyko’s elegant console-mounted solution to adding cheap 3.5 inch hard drives to the Xbox One is finally available for purchase, one month after I cracked and added a terabyte via the ‘hang a 2.5 inch drive off the back of the console via USB cable’ method.

Once I envisioned my Xbox One decked out in a full array of Nyko accessories. The side-mounted power dock. The Intercooler strapped to the right side of the console top. The Data Bank hard drive mount on the other.


But while the PlayStation 4 version of the hard disc strap-on came out in June, the release of the much more useful Xbox One version took until today, or December 29 according to Amazon. I couldn’t wait. I had already deleted too many things—said goodbye to so many old friends as they moved several gigabytes away.

I finally hooked up an external hard drive—I believe the brand is “Whatever, Who Cares, It Works”—two months ago, christening it with Star Wars: Battlefront.

I couldn’t wait for you, Nyko Data Bank for the Xbox One. You’ll find someone new, I just know it. Between your functionality, form and MSRP of $39.99, you’ll have post-holiday gift certificate holders knocking at your door in no time.


Last night I ordered a two terabyte external powered hard drive for my Wii U. There is no Data Bank for the Wii U. Phew.

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