Horny Captain America Slaps Around Evil Obama in Fake Movie Trailer

Look, if you’re going to troll fans of the Marvel Universe, Falcon aficionados and all of America, you can’t do it much better than this new fake trailer for the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Cap punched Hitler back in the 1940s. Now he’s slapping Obama. What are you trying to say, Taiwanese animators? »7/10/13 2:00pm7/10/13 2:00pm

The NMA Video About the SimCity Launch Disaster Goes from Funny to Cringeworthy in 39 Seconds

NMA, the wacko Taiwanese animation studio, has become a kind of grim reaper in the world of Internet scandal. If you end up in an NMA video, it ain't good—although I am sure Francis, the YouTube comedian who rants about video games, is happy to cameo here on behalf of the outraged. »3/11/13 11:05am3/11/13 11:05am

NMA Turns Urinal Video Games Into a Pissing Contest Between the UK and Japan

For once, you have to admire the restraint of the creative folks at Next Media Animation. Never ones to pass up low-hanging jokefruit, they don't make a Wii joke in the report that covers the westward march of urinal games. NMA does offer their visions of permutations of pee-based games for women and kids, though,… »12/01/11 4:40pm12/01/11 4:40pm

Skyrim Fans Bash on Modern Warfare 3 with Spatulas and Rolling Pins in this New NMA Video

The Taiwanese news animators at NMA take on the newest Elder Scrolls game with a news report that covers Skyrim's blockbuster launch and pesky bugs. It's ironic to see NMA shining a spotlight on a title's bugs when their own lo-fi, CGI oeuvre seems to be drawn from Will Wright's nightmares. This clip isn't as… »11/22/11 11:40am11/22/11 11:40am

Taiwanese Animation Offers WTF Take on Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

The folks at Next Media Animation—who've become infamous for presenting bizarre CGI takes on the news—speculate on what the teaser for Rockstar Games' just announced upcoming sequel will look like. Honestly, while it apes some of the visual signifiers of the GTA games, the silent clip makes close to no sense… »10/31/11 10:40am10/31/11 10:40am