Awesome Lady Turns Nerf Guns into Video Game Guns

Nerfenstein - more boringly known as Aesthetic Nerf Mods Australia - takes regular old Nerf guns and, with a little customisation and paint work, turns them into replica weapons based on those found in video games, movies and comic books. Replica weapons you can shoot a kid in the face with and not feel that bad about. » 3/26/12 2:00am 3/26/12 2:00am

Nerf N-Strike – We Need More Games Like This

Anybody remember the days of yore when you could go to an arcade and play Time Crisis? They might still do that in Japan, but here in the States, arcade shooters have sort of died a quiet death somewhere between those hideous orange guns for Time Crisis 5 and the Wii Zapper with its lame lineup of games. You might… » 8/18/08 10:00pm 8/18/08 10:00pm