The Coolest Exclusive Goodies Of Comic-Con 2013

Completely arbitrary headline alert! This is a list of what I think are the hottest, mostly video game-themed toys and books of next week's San Diego Comic-Con, based on years spent developing tastes and whims specifically geared towards making me spend entirely too much money on colorful pieces of plastic. There are… » 7/11/13 8:00pm 7/11/13 8:00pm

Nixed My Little Pony Fighting Game Gets Help from Friendship is Magic

Shut down by the lawyer-mans at the beginning of February, the My Little Pony fan-made fighting game still lives. The glum backers and developers of Fighting is Magic may have to go on without using MLP art or characters—but they will have the creator of the current animated series in their corner. » 3/04/13 4:30pm 3/04/13 4:30pm

A New Vegas Mod That Makes Your Favorite My Little Pony Character Into…

You know what the Mojave desert was missing? My Little Pony, of course. My Little Pony buddies, to be precise. Here's a mod by Kuroitsune and Riven1978 on New Vegas Nexus that allows you to have the MLP protagonists as your companions. Not all ponies are included—for now, there's only Luna, Celestia, Twilight,… » 1/08/13 6:00pm 1/08/13 6:00pm

First My Little Pony Update Brings Bowling Pony, Who Doesn't Roll on…

It's Hearth Warming's Eve in Ponyville, and Gameloft is celebrating with the first major update for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic app. The town is covered with snow, there are festive decorations to buy, and John Goodman's finest work is immortalized forever in digital pony form. » 12/20/12 3:05pm 12/20/12 3:05pm