A Helpful Guide To Bloodborne's Confusing Multiplayer Options

Bloodborne might be the most accessible Souls game yet, but some elements are still pretty confusing. You know, like figuring out how to join up with other players. Here's how to do it. » 3/25/15 12:04pm 3/25/15 12:04pm

Are you playing Dying Light? Are you playing online, in co-op or in "Be The Zombie" mode, on a PC or either console? If it's running well for you, let us know. If you're running into bugs or other problems, let us know that, too! We want to get a sense of how the game is running so far. Thanks. » 1/29/15 12:17pm 1/29/15 12:17pm

Dying Light's add-on multiplayer mode "Be The Zombie" will be free for all players, developer Techland announced this morning. Previously, the DLC had only been available as a pre-order bonus, which enraged many prospective fans who are justifiably sick of that sort of thing. Phew! » 1/23/15 9:45am 1/23/15 9:45am

League Of Legends Rewarding People Who Played Nice For All Of 2014

In its ongoing war against toxic online behavior, League of Legends creator Riot Games has come up with a clever way to put a positive spin on multiplayer interactions: by rewarding players who made it through 2014 with a clean record. » 1/06/15 11:15am 1/06/15 11:15am

Modders Are Trying To Add Online Multiplayer To A Bunch Of Wii Games

The two brothers who hacked Mario Kart 8 are at it again, this time setting their sights on the original Wii console. The goal is to add online multiplayer to a number of Wii games. You can never get enough of that when it comes to Nintendo games! » 12/30/14 2:30pm 12/30/14 2:30pm

Kirk, Patricia and Stephen Talk About How Maddening Destiny Is

Destiny is a frequent topic of conversation around Kotaku's team chat. Some of us play the game religiously, others have barely played. All of us struggle to get our heads around how a game can be so simultaneously brilliant and maddening. » 12/12/14 8:27pm 12/12/14 8:27pm

Even After Several Patches, Far Cry 4 Still Has Some Issues

Many gamers have been having a great time destroying animals and evil despots ever since Far Cry 4 came out last month. For others, it's a different story. Despite receiving several patches designed to address its performance issues, these players are still struggling to get the game up and running properly. » 12/12/14 12:20pm 12/12/14 12:20pm

The Master Chief Collection's Multiplayer May Be Getting Better Soon

Been frustrated with the multiplayer matchmaking in Halo: The Master Chief Collection? Microsoft knows it's a problem and is working to fix it. » 11/13/14 5:15pm 11/13/14 5:15pm

10 Minutes Of Co-Op In Far Cry 4

One thing I'm looking forward to about Far Cry 4 is the game's interesting-sounding co-op multiplayer. Sony, which is trying to sweeten the deal by letting PS4 players invite friends who don't own the game into the action, just released a new gameplay video showing how the game's collaborative modes will play out. » 10/16/14 12:00pm 10/16/14 12:00pm

Why There Are No Respawns In The Next Rainbow Six

It's always fun to see how trends wax and wane in video games. Almost every shooter that's come out in the past decade, for instance, has had to acknowledge the meteoric rise of Call of Duty and the fast-paced, twitchy sort of competitive gameplay it's popularized. Now, that influence seems to be slowly fading. » 10/14/14 3:45pm 10/14/14 3:45pm

Mario Kart 8's Online Multiplayer Is Getting Lonelier

"If you build it, they will come," the saying goes. It's never that simple when it comes to playing video games online. I love Mario Kart 8, and have been playing it consistently since it came out in May. But lately I've been running into a problem: other people aren't. Or it sure feels that way, at least. » 10/02/14 4:00pm 10/02/14 4:00pm

The Death of Deathmatch? How Console Multiplayer is Changing

Playing together is deeply embedded in video game culture. Long before Xbox Live, before the days of Unreal Tournament and Quake, arcades were filled with friends jostling to get further, score higher and win bigger. » 9/15/14 7:40am 9/15/14 7:40am

And That’s Why You Don’t Taunt People In Mario Kart 8

Taunting in Mario Kart 8 is a fine art. Maybe because they can't trash talk each other online, seasoned players have resorted to waiting at the finish line to trip up incoming racers as the ultimate form of kart-based swagger. But this is hard to pull off. If you don't, you end up looking very silly. » 8/13/14 4:30pm 8/13/14 4:30pm

Watch The Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Live, Right Here

Kevin Spacey can't help you now. It's time to find out what Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's multiplayer has in store for fans this fall, and we've got the live event streaming. » 8/11/14 12:47pm 8/11/14 12:47pm

Gigantic, A Gorgeous New Game From The Lead Designer Of StarCraft

Announced today by independent developer Motiga, Gigantic is a "genre-bending online game" with an incredibly pretty debut trailer and a concept that could be called "offense of the ancients". » 7/15/14 12:00pm 7/15/14 12:00pm

Watch Things Get Built And Destroyed In Fortnite

Despite putting the game out in the open way back in 2011, Epic has remained relatively quiet about its cartoonish shooter Fortnite ever since. Now it's finally starting to put the game back in the spotlight by releasing promising footage like this new gameplay trailer. » 7/08/14 10:50am 7/08/14 10:50am

Anti-Cheating Software Is Wrongfully Banning Battlefield 3 Players

Battlefield 3 players have been running into some renewed performance issues as of late, ones that are related to the 2011 shooter's third-party anti-cheating software. » 6/24/14 12:00pm 6/24/14 12:00pm

Ubisoft Responds to Assassin's Creed Female Character Controversy

News that Ubisoft scuttled plans for including female playable characters in the upcoming Assassin's Creed Unity was met by scorn and derision by many video game commentators last night. Now, Kotaku has an official statement from Ubisoft on the controversy. » 6/11/14 2:30pm 6/11/14 2:30pm

Ubisoft Cut Plans For Female Assassins In Unity (UPDATE)

The next big Assassin's Creed game and the first to appear exclusively on next-generation consoles won't let people play as female assassins in a new cooperative multiplayer mode, Ubisoft said this week at E3. » 6/11/14 11:00am 6/11/14 11:00am

Five Minutes Of The Division's Snazzy Multiplayer

Ubisoft and Microsoft didn't have much to say about The Division at the latter's E3 press conference this morning, but that didn't stop them from showing off some lush gameplay footage: » 6/09/14 2:15pm 6/09/14 2:15pm