Call Of Duty Is Finally Blowing The Top Off The Warzone Stadium

The doomed stadium, from today’s Season 5 trailer.
The doomed stadium, from today’s Season 5 trailer.
Screenshot: Activision

Warzone’s stadium explosion was officially revealed with today’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trailer. The teased event will finally come to fruition with Season 5, which kicks off on August 5 across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Call of Duty’s Warzone makes a great companion to Modern Warfare’s standard multiplayer, but the battle royale map has become stale since its March release. While it’s unclear if Warzone will get a ton of new map locations, blowing the roof off the stadium will give players plenty of new spaces to drop in and explore. The stadium’s interior is shown near the end of the trailer, revealing multi-tiered levels of seating and shops that were previously inaccessible.

Along with the new stadium point of interest, the trailer also shows fresh ways to traverse Warzone’s map of Verdansk. A loot train is confirmed to be circling through the map, giving players a faster way to travel. It’s hard to tell how much savory loot will actually be on board, but you can peep a few loot crates in the video.

If traveling by train isn’t enticing enough, new ziplines are also teased for the stadium and for some of the skyscrapers. This should alleviate some of Warzone’s frustrations with roof-top campers, as now players will be able zip up to take the fight to pesky snipers without needing a helicopter to access certain rooftops.

Players can also expect new multiplayer maps released for Modern Warfare, and a Season 5 Battle Pass will refresh the battlefield with new operators and cosmetics. Hopefully we’ll even see some surprises included with the new update, including more Easter egg mysteries within Verdansk’s nuclear bunkers.

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Any idea what the guns will be and whether they will be broken or terrible as those are the only options for dlc guns.