The Thrill of Fighting Games

Like many others, I have great memories of spending afternoons and quarters in the arcade. Back home, the arcade was this pretty dark room attached to the bowling alley. Far from spectacular, but it was special in its own way. There were a lot of games my friends and I would play, but one in particular we kept coming… » 3/28/14 9:39am 3/28/14 9:39am

​The Argument For Offline Multiplayer Games

It's the internet age, the age of connectedness. Ask Sony or Microsoft about the defining feature of their next-gen consoles, and they'll start telling you about "social," about playing together online, all the time. That's all well and good, but does every game need online multiplayer? » 3/11/14 4:30pm 3/11/14 4:30pm

Here's How To Trigger Battlefield 4's Most Devastating Destructions

Okay, yes, 'Levolution' is a really silly name for a Battlefield 4 feature...but don't underestimate how cool it is. With it, you can trigger some massive destruction on multiplayer maps—which can then change the map itself a little. Ah, but how do you do it; what levolution is available on which maps? What do they… » 10/30/13 3:00pm 10/30/13 3:00pm

RPG Elements Keep Us Playing, For Better And For Worse

You spend time or energy, you gotta get something out of it. Self-improvement. Money, maybe. Experience, at least. This simple idea is so powerful and pervasive that of course games have modeled it—experience points, levels, and skill trees (otherwise known as role-playing game elements) are things that have been… » 10/24/13 8:46pm 10/24/13 8:46pm

Fresh Single-Player The Last Of Us Content Aimed At Year's End

There's an Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack dropping for Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic masterpiece on October 15, but that's not important right now. What is important, is new story-driven, single-player content coming to The Last of Us in December or January. » 9/27/13 9:30am 9/27/13 9:30am

These Are The Top Five Worst League of Legends Teammates

Sure, there are general types of people you never want on your team—but every game also has very specific types of people who play the game, depending on the game's quirks. So here's curseentertainment's take on who the worst League of Legends teammates are...this wouldn't happen to be you, would it? » 8/21/13 6:30pm 8/21/13 6:30pm