Awesome Smash Bros. Mod Lets You Play As Master Hand In A New Way

FreeSkate Xtreme Uses Your iPhone Camera to Keep Track of Your Head

If the location of your head is something you're never quite certain of, then you'll probably want to spend $.99 on VisionHacker Studios' FreeSkate Xtreme for the iPhone and iPad later this week. It uses the Apple camera to find your skull, and then uses it to skate. » 11/06/12 8:55am 11/06/12 8:55am

What a Day, What a Year

Christmas is a big production, but they don't roll credits at the end of it. Still, with the home a wasteland of gift wrap and packaging, and the light slowly receding outside, it's a good moment to reflect on 2009. » 12/25/09 6:00pm 12/25/09 6:00pm

Body On With Project Natal's Controller-Free Kick Balls

I was fairly impressed with Project Natal's ability to strip away the physical controls for Burnout Paradise and still deliver and relatively similar racing experience. But the kick ball game, designed specifically for Microsoft's motion controller, wasn't quite as impressive. » 6/04/09 12:50pm 6/04/09 12:50pm

Rumor: Details On Sony's Motion Controls, No "Break-Apart"

An anonymous industry source has told Kotaku that reports of a "break-apart" motion controller for the PlayStation 3 that splits into two parts are not entirely accurate. » 6/13/08 2:30pm 6/13/08 2:30pm