Morrowind-in-Skyrim Video Shows Modders' Impressive Progress

The team of Elder Scrolls fans working on Skywind—the project bringing Morrowind into the series' most modern engine—released their first development video yesterday. It's five breathtaking minutes of the massive effort needed to properly bring a beloved 12-year-old game into present day. » 1/05/14 11:04am 1/05/14 11:04am

The Only Reason I Still Own An Original Xbox

Every girl I date seriously must eventually pass a test. It happens at a certain point in every relationship I have; by then she basically knows what she's getting with me, including my tendency to get weirdly obsessed with things. The bands Titus Andronicus and Belle & Sebastian, for one thing, or Game of Thrones. I'm… » 9/01/13 12:30pm 9/01/13 12:30pm

Morrowind Just Got Even Prettier With This New Graphical Overhaul

» 10/01/12 7:00pm 10/01/12 7:00pm

I may have spent an ungodly number of hours wandering around Skyrim, but I still miss Morrowind, the setting of the third game in Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series. The swamp-covered, volcano-tormented realm of the dark elves just had so much character; it was an endlessly interesting place to go questing. (The » 10/01/12 7:00pm 10/01/12 7:00pm

Morrowind Really Did Have The Best Elder Scrolls Music, Didn't It

Aah, just listen to it. It's a theme we've heard many times, in many different games. These days, when I hear it, it's chanted by a choir of (I'm assuming here) girthy Nords in horned helmets.

But there was a time, back when I had my first bona fide Elder Scrolls obsession, when the theme sounded a little bit… » 4/26/12 9:00pm 4/26/12 9:00pm

Wait, What The Heck Are The Elder Scrolls?

With all the hullabaloo that's broken out over The Elder Scrolls creator Bethesda's legal threats against Minecraft creator Marcus Persson regarding the title of his upcoming game Scrolls, it's easy to overlook the fact that it's not entirely clear what The Elder Scrolls themselves really are. » 8/05/11 10:30pm 8/05/11 10:30pm

7 More Minutes of A Visually-Improved Morrowind

Recently we told you about a fan project that gives 2002 role-playing game favorite The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind significantly upgraded graphics. Then this mod compilation got blocked due to complications. Still, here's a new video of it. » 1/07/11 10:00am 1/07/11 10:00am