This Gaming Geek Shall Inherit MLB 2K11's Million-Dollar Prize

Before setting off to claim a million-dollar bounty offered by MLB 2K11, Brian Kingrey did an analysis. He pored over batting averages, compared pitcher strengths and tendencies, examined the probable starters for the contest's opening day and the batting orders they faced, to determine what hurler had the best chance… »5/26/11 6:00pm5/26/11 6:00pm


Slightly Disturbed Baseball Player To Pimp Video Game On Talk Show

Brian Wilson, the eccentric, bearded reliever of the San Francisco Giants, hits the talk show circuit this evening to pimp MLB 2K11 and unveil a short film he's written. Queries as to whether "The Machine"/Pat Burrell would also appear were avoided outright. Whatever it is will be on "Lopez Tonight", midnight EST, 11… »1/26/11 10:19pm1/26/11 10:19pm