This Game Could Have Been Worth A Million Bucks

Former Total Nonstop Action Wrestling star Stevie Richards (aka Michael Manna) apparently scored a perfect game in baseball game MLB 2K11. If verified, he might be the first person to do that, putting him up for line for a million dollar payday.


The game's publisher is holding a contest that will award a cool mil to the first person who throws a perfect game in MLB 2K11. The contest, however, begins on April 1 — the rules clearly state so. Today is not April 1. This is a problem.

According to Manna's Twitter, it doesn't seem he's eligible for the prize, because of the date and "50 other restrictions". Manna didn't come up empty handed. He won a big box of pride in a game well pitched.

Too bad pride isn't worth a million bucks.

Former TNA Star Could Win 1 Million Dollars In Video Game? [TNA Insider]



It starts on April 1st? Are they trying to say it may just be a joke?

What a great way to possibly get out of paying a million bucks. ha.