The Binder That Ties You To A Game

Wax nostalgic with a sports gamer of a certain age and it's not long before he will mention, like a venerated religious text, the Three-Ring Binder. It was the original franchise mode.

I'm 37, and I've yet to meet a guy from my generation who didn't keep his own stats in a sports video game and doesn't still take… » 4/16/11 5:00pm 4/16/11 5:00pm

Even the All-Stars are Role Players in MLB 11 The Show

Sitting there with my DualShock in my lap, I struggled to recall the last time a video game blindsided me this hard, much less at a point this early in playing it. I'd ranked up at a respectable rate, gained a fast understanding of my abilities and the situations in which they were useful. I was fearless and, I… » 3/17/11 10:00pm 3/17/11 10:00pm

MLB 11 The Show is Still The Finest in the Field

I've seen the big leagues, son. I've squinted at the lights at Fenway as the sun makes a cotton candy sky behind the Citgo sign in left. But I ain't there right now. I'm down here chewing on grass, pitching in my third game in as many days, deep in the well of the low minor leagues, where the uniforms are washed every… » 3/13/11 8:30pm 3/13/11 8:30pm

Nickels, Dimes, Pennants, Pennies or Points, Sports Gamers Still Get…

>It didn't take long after MLB 11 The Show's release for everyone to notice its microtransactions menu and give it a good public flogging. While I don't claim that these things are in anyone's interest other than the publisher's, gamers do a fantastic job of making this out to be a more odious threat than it really is. » 3/12/11 6:00pm 3/12/11 6:00pm

New Settings Highlight The Show's Good Cause

MLB 11 The Show arrived on Tuesday, bringing with it a set of controls and options designed to include disabled gamers. The association for these gamers, begun by a 25-year-old college student, also launched on Tuesday and gets a plug from the PS3 game. » 3/12/11 4:00pm 3/12/11 4:00pm

MLB 11 The Show Gets In a Dig at MLB 2K11's Cover Boy

MLB 11 The Show's third-wheel analyst, Eric Karros, completely telegraphs this burn of Roy Halladay, who graces the cover of Major League Baseball 2K11. » 3/11/11 11:30pm 3/11/11 11:30pm

This SportsCenter Anchor is Dedicated to The Show

Some ESPN personalities are known, and chided, for making product endorsements. Steve Berthiaume isn't in that crowd. Writing a 2,500-word guide on how to create, in MLB The Show, painstakingly accurate journeymen players from the 1970s is not being a lip-service pitchman. That is a bona fide roster editor.

» 3/11/11 6:00pm 3/11/11 6:00pm

Baseball Rivals Play Dueling Cameras [Updated]

Kotaku may have kicked off a fad last year, with our post on how to make your video game baseball presentation conform to real life broadcasting angles. MLB 2K11 directly cited the work as an inspiration behind its new broadcast presentation. MLB 11 The Show was assuredly thinking the same thing when it introduced… » 3/10/11 6:00pm 3/10/11 6:00pm

Kevin Butler, V.P. of the 2-1 Meatball Pitch

Trying very hard to make "Well played, Mauer" into a meme, or at least a theme, here's fake honcho Kevin Butler getting worked at clutch time by the Minnesota Twins' all-star catcher in a spot going up now for MLB 11 The Show. » 3/04/11 1:28am 3/04/11 1:28am

MLB 11 The Show Is Ready for Its Closeup

Baseball fans will fetishize any detail. This year, MLB 2K11 will make the real-life broadcast camera angles of all 30 major league parks the default view in its game. MLB 11 The Show will, too, and add even more customization. » 2/17/11 11:30pm 2/17/11 11:30pm

How A Video Game Made Him Into A Major Leaguer

He'd given up six runs in three innings of work when MLB 10 The Show sent the manager out to remove him from the game. Even in a video game, the bad losses stick with you. They stick with Hans Smith a little more. » 1/29/11 4:00pm 1/29/11 4:00pm

The Invisible Batter of Baseball on the PlayStation Move

MLB 11 The Show will get PlayStation Move support but I wouldn't put high hopes on it. The only supported feature will be a Home Run Derby mode, shown here, and that weird floating bat just strikes me wrong. » 1/15/11 1:00am 1/15/11 1:00am

First Gameplay Video Of MLB 11 The Show Surfaces

GameTrailers got a camera on MLB 11: The Show at CES, giving us a 90-second duel between Boston's Josh Beckett and Philadelphia's Ryan Howard. The hitter appears to be using the game's new analog controls. » 1/07/11 7:20pm 1/07/11 7:20pm

PS3 Seamheads Get A Custom Controller When MLB 11 Arrives

To go with its new analog controls, MLB 11 The Show is going on a new controller - this baseball-themed DualShock, timed to release with the game on March 8. » 12/16/10 6:00pm 12/16/10 6:00pm

Analog Pitching Controls Come To MLB 11 The Show

In a control switch that's likely to be controversial to some, MLB 11 The Show's default pitching, throwing and hitting controls will move to the right analog stick, though it will include the old face-button commands for the lifers. » 12/15/10 6:00pm 12/15/10 6:00pm