Midnight Club Los Angeles Review: The Fast And The Infuriating

Midnight Club, now in its fourth major release, lands on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, giving us Rockstar San Diego's first foray into flashy, illegal street racing on current-generation consoles. The series heads to the west coast with Midnight Club Los Angeles, bringing with it a new, realistic representation of… »10/22/08 4:40pm10/22/08 4:40pm

Midnight Club: Los Angeles Misses Exit, Slips To October

LA traffic can be a real bitch, so who can blame Rockstar if there two newest Midnight Club games are a little late getting there? Originally scheduled for a September 9th in North America and September 12th in Europe, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and its PSP companion Midnight Club: LA Remix are now scheduled to pull… »7/03/08 10:40am7/03/08 10:40am