There's a Reason for Metal Gear's Sexy Sniper. What It Is, Who Knows.

First, Hideo Kojima wanted the mute female sniper of Metal Gear Solid V to appear "erotic." That was either a poor choice of words, or poor translation, but he evidently wanted the art director to sex her up to encourage cosplay. Or figurine sales. Well, now Kojima is Tweeting, and says we have it all wrong. » 9/07/13 4:30pm 9/07/13 4:30pm

Did Metal Gear Solid 5 Just Get Secretly Announced?

Kotaku editor-in-chief Stephen Totilo is out in L.A. for the Spike Video Game Awards. And he's dug up some evidence that appears to support the theory that the mysterious Phantom Pain game is in fact another Metal Gear title. » 12/08/12 1:22am 12/08/12 1:22am

Is Metal Gear Solid 5 Coming? "Probably...At Some Point"

The cries of "Metal Gear Solid 5 confirmed!" that rang out across the internet last week were silenced today, as the Official PlayStation Magazine reveals what exactly legendary developer Hideo Kojima said regarding a potential sequel in its latest issue. Should you be excited? Probably, at some point. » 11/21/11 12:40pm 11/21/11 12:40pm

Snake? Snaaaake?!: Is Hideo Kojima Helming Metal Gear Solid 5?

Hideo Kojima said that he might want to do something other than Metal Gear. He even enlisted the help of Kotaku readers to get him out of Solid Snake's shadow. But, instead, he's doing more talking about Tactical Espionage Action. » 11/17/11 4:06pm 11/17/11 4:06pm