Snake? Snaaaake?!: Is Hideo Kojima Helming Metal Gear Solid 5?

Illustration for article titled Snake? Snaaaake?!: Is Hideo Kojima Helming emMetal Gear Solid 5/em?

Hideo Kojima said that he might want to do something other than Metal Gear. He even enlisted the help of Kotaku readers to get him out of Solid Snake's shadow. But, instead, he's doing more talking about Tactical Espionage Action.


The famed Japanese developer is on the cover of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, and the upcoming issue will reportedly contain details about Metal Gear Solid 5 and the much-teased-about Project Ogre that Kojima's been tantalizing gamers with. Apparently, Snake was supposed to die. But his long stealthy life will be going on. (Or will it?!) The long-delayed Metal Gear Rising is coming out of the shadows but Kojima's involvement with the upcoming game isn't as deep as it has been with the other titles in the series. The OPM UK interview is being teased as revealing "the past, present and future of Metal Gear Solid," so readers might find out if Kojima will be getting back in the Snake saddle again.


We've reached out to Konami for confirmation on the existence of Metal Gear Solid 5 and will update when we hear back.

Historic issue 65 cover features Hideo Kojima [Official PlayStation Magazine UK, via Game Informer]

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I mean, we had the Harry-Gregson horns/guitar, the 90 minutes it took to end the game, the "This. Is. It.", and so much more. What..What are they going to do? D: