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Six Wild Metal Gear Solid V Fan Theories

Illustration for article titled Six Wild emMetal Gear Solid V/em Fan Theories

With TGS and a handful of new Metal Gear Solid V footage behind, Outside Xbox's clip weaves further the web of never ending fan theories about the game's plot and the characters' backgrounds.


All of them sound a bit crazy and compelling, but my favorite is the one that says the mute sniper Quiet is linked to Metal Gear Solid 3's The End, who's also a sniper, except he's an old guy.

6 Metal Gear Solid 5 Fan Theories So Crazy They Might Be True [YouTube]

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welcome to yesterday?

these are all old theories. had to check the date of the video

anyway only one that really seems possible or wasn't debunked is eli = liquid probably with some retconning of his childhood