Yup, The Stuff In Games Can Hurt Men, Too

The unfortunate reality is that society has a certain impossible if not destructive ideal of masculinity that affects both men and women alike. PBS Game/Show here takes the time to talk about what some hurtful and problematic stereotypes video games present of men, and it's stuff that is definitely worth keeping in… » 10/02/13 6:30pm 10/02/13 6:30pm

You Know What Video Games Need? More Wise, Witty, and Lecherous Old Men

Commenter Paradox Me believes there's plenty of room in video games for more wise, experienced, and humorously nostalgic old men, leading the charge or just kicking back and telling us all about how Speak Up on Kotaku was better when they were kids. » 10/18/11 11:20am 10/18/11 11:20am

Facebook Games More Likely to Please a Woman than Sex

Hold your manhoods cheap, guys. Doritos, of all fuckin' things, surveyed girl gamers and found that they're more likely to get off on video games—worse yet, Facebook video games—than doing it with you. » 7/15/11 6:40pm 7/15/11 6:40pm

What's Wrong With Giant Breasts And Ninja Skills?

In today's Speak-Up on Kotaku commenter CuttySark wonders why portraying women and men video games as physically or mentally superior is such a bad thing. » 3/16/11 11:00am 3/16/11 11:00am

Women's Tears Are A Real Turn-off

In today's Friday fun edition of the daily Kotaku science post, scientists in Israel make women cry and then make men smell their tears. Surely that's got to be fun for somebody. » 1/07/11 2:30pm 1/07/11 2:30pm

Just Thinking About Violent Video Games Stimulates Aggression

A new study by researchers from Ohio State and Central Michigan Universities finds that simply thinking about playing violent video games can stimulate violent behavior long after your game console has gone cold, unless you're a girl. » 9/20/10 11:40am 9/20/10 11:40am