The unfortunate reality is that society has a certain impossible if not destructive ideal of masculinity that affects both men and women alike. PBS Game/Show here takes the time to talk about what some hurtful and problematic stereotypes video games present of men, and it's stuff that is definitely worth keeping in mind when we talk about representation.

Of course, if you've participated in any discussions about gender in games online, it's likely you've come across these ideas and arguments before. Mens Rights Activists in particular are fond of such arguments. Thing is, in my experience at least, they're usually presented as some form of 'counter-argument' to the idea that representations of women in games can sometimes be problematic, as if it couldn't possibly be true that perhaps both genders have to deal with their hurtful archetypes, stereotypes and isms. Like stereotypical representation of men in games somehow invalidates the stereotypical representation of women in games. Um. No? It doesn't? It's not a pissing contest of who has it worse?

Both genders have to deal with shit, sometimes similar shit, all stemming from the same place. Hopefully it's not always like that—I'd like to think that many of the conversations happening around video games right now will help, in the long run. Even the New York Times will bring up issues of gender in their (non-Kotaku excerpted) reviews now, at least. That's a good thing.