The Best Board Games for Developing Valuable Real-Life Skills

Playing board games is a whole lot of fun, but some of the more difficult and complex games can actually help you learn things, too. Whether you’re trying to speed up your math skills or become a stronger negotiator, here are a few skills you can build (and the games that help you build them). » 6/30/15 9:20am 6/30/15 9:20am

The Best Apps for Turning Your iPad into an iPre-School

Kids and iPads are a better fit than you'd think—as long as those little hands are clean. » 8/11/11 12:00pm 8/11/11 12:00pm

It's pretty easy to concoct counting exercises for little kids. Count the cars. Count the dice. Count the fuzzy dice in people's cars. You get the idea. There will be times, however, when children aren't interested…