It's Only a Little Magicka, But It's Enough for a Party

As promised last month, Paradox Interactive and mobile developer Ludosity have teamed up to deliver a little cross-platform Magicka mayhem for the iPhone and Android. Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet is nowhere near as deep and destructively satisfying as its PC inspiration, but it's got the right idea. the right … » 3/29/13 11:30am 3/29/13 11:30am

The Next Magicka Expansion Taps Lovecraft, Pokes Minecraft

Goodbye, Vietnam. Paradox Interactive's acclaimed and comical multiplayer wizard computer game will be getting an expansion called The Stars Are Left. It will pit up to four players against monsters in "a horror-mystery inspired byt he Cthullhu Mythos." So says the PC-gaming champions at Paradox. They say that the… » 10/27/11 11:00am 10/27/11 11:00am

Magicka's PVP Trailer Is Gaming's Greatest PVP Trailer

The all wizard, all the time PC game Magicka got its promised dose of all-new player-versus-player combat this week, an event that demanded this trailer that demands your attention for its smart use of absolutely no gameplay whatsoever. » 6/22/11 9:00pm 6/22/11 9:00pm