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Get a Little Half-Life, Day of the Tentacle in Your Magicka

Illustration for article titled Get a Little emHalf-Life, Day of the Tentacle/em in Your emMagicka/em

There's a new piece of downloadable content for PC co-op shooter (spellcaster?) Magicka called the "Gamer Bundle". Normally I don't look twice at a pack offering mere player skins, but these are no mere player skins.


The three new robes for your wizards are heavily inspired by three of the best PC games ever made. One gives a headcrab and crowbar from Half-Life. Another decks them out like a World of Warcraft character. And the third, and most awesome of the lot, dresses a little wizard up like a Day of the Tentacle cosplayer.

The pack is $2, and is available on Steam.

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Is there a Warhammer 40k robe? In the steam sale, there was in a drawing for one.