Chinese Farmer Is Both Luke Skywalker and Iron Man

Sun Jifa lost both hands while constructing a homemade bomb. The explosive was to be used for blast fishing, but accidentally went off. Unable to work on his family farm and unable to afford pricey prosthetic limbs, the 51 year-old came up with a plan: build the arms himself.

For eight years, Sun toiled,… » 8/16/12 4:00am 8/16/12 4:00am

Kotaku Originals: We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

That's right, four score and seven years ago today at Valley Forge, John F. Kennedy and the Lone Ranger chopped down the cherry tree that Squanto ate at the first Thanksgiving, and Paul Revere hung a light in the Alamo to alert Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders: "N00B, red team has taken teh control point, FAIL." Then… » 7/05/08 11:00am 7/05/08 11:00am