Lost Planet 3 Needed More Crazy “Capcom-Style” Moments, Says Developer

Lost Planet 3 wasn’t perfect. But, despite being an overly familiar shooter, the story it told and the main character that players controlled manage to feel more meaningful than most other action-centric games out there. It felt like the cast’s relationships to each other and their own feelings were at stake. It… »10/07/13 6:30pm10/07/13 6:30pm

Emotional Videos from a Frozen World Kept Me Playing Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 is rough at times, with boss battles and backtracking that you’ll get frustrated at. But the game’s characters made me want to persevere through its sub-zero challenges. One of the ways you get to know them is in confessional-style videos that pop up every so often in game. Some of them are pretty… »8/28/13 9:40am8/28/13 9:40am

E.X. Troopers Isn’t Exactly the Lost Planet I Remember (And That’s a Good Thing!)

E.X. Troopers »12/07/12 7:00am12/07/12 7:00am is a spin-off title to Capcom's series. Like the main series, it takes place on the thawing ice planet of E.D.N. III. Yet, even one single glance at the game is enough to tell you that this is not as you've seen it before. Instead it's a manga-style, flashy, over-the-top story of a boy and his giant…

15 Minutes of Lost Planet 3 Footage Introduce New Enemies and Cover Combat

Capcom's trying out a few different things in Lost Planet 3, which is a prequel to the previous two games in their outer-space action series. The chunk of gameplay above comes from a live demo done at Gamescom 2012 and shows off some of the new Akrid creatures you'll be battling, as well as the snowy landscapes… »8/27/12 9:30am8/27/12 9:30am