There sure have been a lot of Resident Evil games, right?

The above chart was posted by Capcom back in June. I just noticed it on their corporate website today, and... wow... I knew they'd made more Resident Evils than the name Resident Evil 6 implies, but not this many!

Surely, Capcom's count of "titles" includes spin-offs, different console versions and god knows what else. (Sales are listed in the thousands.)

After all, they're counting 74 Street Fighter games!

There have been only 15 Devil May Cry games titles? Pathetic.


Dead Rising? There have barely been any of those!

And then there's Mega Man. It's no wonder Capcom keeps canceling Mega Man games these days. They must feel they've made too many.


And... that's the whole chart. Capcom made it to show off their biggest and best series. No offense intended to Bionic Commando, Strider or that game with the white wolf in it.

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