Borderlands' Randy Pitchford Takes Your Calls During This Week's Podcast

The main man behind Borderlands, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford, will be our guest host on the Kotaku call-in podcast this week, continuing our December-long effort to fill a vacationing Brian Crecente's empty chair. It happens live, Wednesday. » 12/14/09 1:00pm 12/14/09 1:00pm

Your E3 Lineup Roundup

The coming week will be completely dominated by E3 coverage. Come to think of it, the previous week was completely dominated by pre-E3 coverage. After the jump we've compiled a scene-setter of sorts, aggregating together all the lineups announced, so you know some of what to look for in the coming onslaught of copy. » 7/13/08 9:00pm 7/13/08 9:00pm

EA's E3 Line Up - We're Going To Need A Bigger Website

Don't expect me to sum up Electronic Arts' E3 2008 presence in a couple of paragraphs. It's far too huge for just a quick rundown, so I'll just give you the pertinent points. The line up includes soemwhere around 38 games, including four games for the iPhone, three for the iPod, and four mobile games - including the… » 7/10/08 2:30pm 7/10/08 2:30pm

Square Enix's E3 Line Up - Where Is Final Fantasy XIII?

So what does RPG giant Square Enix have in store for E3 2008? Why RPGs, of course. The publisher's lineup doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who's been following the company since last E3. Starting on the portable side of things they'll be showing the remake Chrono Trigger for the Nintendo DS, along with Dragon… » 7/09/08 10:20am 7/09/08 10:20am