Creep Stalks Hot Topic Employee On Facebook, Gets Served

The Perks Of Being Sony Boss, #1832

Don't let the graphic fool you. We're not here for the back of Placido Domingo's head. We're here for the gentleman on the right. That's Sony boss Kaz Hirai, just chillin' on the starting grid at the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix. Lookin' sharp, Kaz. Also lookin' like a kid in a candy store. » 10/22/13 1:30am 10/22/13 1:30am

Breaking: Gabe Newell Grows Beard

Progress Score: Initially startling, but apprehension soon gives way to an appreciation of its wispy whiteness. Post-apocalyptic desert ranger meets Santa Claus. Most likely not a Half-Life Episode 3 tease. » 2/20/12 5:50am 2/20/12 5:50am

Hideo Kojima Thinks He's Ryan Gosling Now

The man? That's Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. The jacket? That's a replica of Ryan Gosling's from the movie Drive. With Hollywood's big night looming, a little Oscar party cosplay, perhaps? » 2/14/12 12:40am 2/14/12 12:40am

Patrice Has Been Found!

While the gaming press was falling over itself for Jade Raymond's flowing locks in 2007, our eye had instead been caught by another Ubisoft employee. Patrice Desilets. » 5/13/09 5:00am 5/13/09 5:00am

J Allard? No, It's Doctor J Allard

J Allard has, tragically, been in hiding for some time now. And still is! But his name, at least, has come out of hiding. We're glad. And so, so glad that when it did resurface, it was to share the limelight with some illustrious company! » 5/04/09 5:30am 5/04/09 5:30am

Megan Fox Also Plays Guitar Hero Outside Of Your Dreams

Why is Megan Fox playing Guitar Hero on the Wii news? It's not, you ungrateful little jerks. Here I am giving you pictures of Megan Fox and you question my posting judgment? How dare you. » 1/28/09 7:20pm 1/28/09 7:20pm

Tim Schafer Caught Wearing A Brutal Legend Shirt

We haven't done a Kotaku Stalku in ages. That makes us think, hey, we should do one! Good thing reader Jaime sent us this picture and note: » 12/05/08 3:00am 12/05/08 3:00am

This Is What It Sounds Like When Dude Huge Cries

You know Dude Huge likes the Lancers. The blood, the gravelly voices, the destroyed beauty » 10/20/08 4:30am 10/20/08 4:30am. But do you know what he likes to listen to? What he kicks his feet up to after a hard day's puppy eating/Larry Hryb chainsawing/developing? Let's find out! The Dude's Zune profile has his favourite songs listed, and amongst the…

Rumor: Ric Flair, Bear Suit Spotted At EA LA

Sources deep within the EA borders tells us that professional wrestler Ric Flair and a guy in a bear suit were spotted at the EA Los Angeles gym earlier today. According to the report, "Ric Flair and a guy in a bear suit are currently filming something in the EA Los Angeles gym." See? Exactly what we said. The source… » 10/14/08 10:00pm 10/14/08 10:00pm

The Shocking Coffee-Drinking Habits Of Valve EXPOSED

It's OK, everyone. Valve drinks coffee too! While filming a vox pop piece in Seattle on the closure of 600 Starbucks stores across the US, local news channel KING5 inadvertently got the scoop on not only where Valve get their coffee, but who's allowed out for coffee runs and even what everyone drinks. As you can see,… » 7/02/08 4:30am 7/02/08 4:30am

George Romero Clueless About Dead Rising?

Back in late February, we brought word of a Dead Rising lawsuit. Capcom was being sued over the game by the MKR Group, which holds the rights to George Romerso's Dawn of the Dead film. MKR claimed that Dead Rising was essentially an unlicensed adaptation of the Romero film. Over the weekend, George Romero appeared at… » 7/02/08 3:00am 7/02/08 3:00am