Curt Schilling Says Amalur Could Still Be a 'Billion Dollar Franchise'

The collapse of 38 Studios—the game development company founded by all-star pitcher Curt Schilling—became one of the most colossal video game development flameouts ever. But, in a tweet this morning, the former Red Sox player says that the fantasy creation would still be innovative if someone ponied up the cash to put… » 11/26/13 11:30am 11/26/13 11:30am

Matt Bai of The New York Times has authored a lively, comprehensive deconstruction of the downfall of 38 Studios, makers of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and a planned MMO. The story weaves in Rhode Island's political and cultural forces in explaining the debacle. It's a superb Sunday read. » 4/21/13 2:00pm 4/21/13 2:00pm

Hey Xbox Live, Kingdoms Of Amalur Should Probably Not Cost This Much

38 Studios' financial apocalypse has been well-documented. Ultimately, no amount of auctioning and memorabilia sales could redeem all-star pitcher Curt Schilling's game development legacy. Still, you have to wonder who's behind the pricing of the downloadable version being offered on Xbox Live Games on Demand in… » 11/28/12 11:00am 11/28/12 11:00am

Curt Schilling's Blood is For Sale in the Aftermath of 38 Studios'…

Whether mocked, doubted or venerated, The Bloody Sock is a unique piece of sports memorabilia and it is the symbol of the Boston Red Sox' cathartic championship of 2004, the one that ended 86 years of aching near-misses and collapses. And the reddest of socks may be put up for sale » 10/04/12 6:00pm 10/04/12 6:00pm, collateral damage in the notorious…

Curt Schilling's Video Game Studio Won't Face Federal Charges

In the aftermath of 38 Studios' collapse, a slew of government investigators said they were probing the maker of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for its attempts to secure loans using tax credits that never were issued. Tax credits are the biggest reason the studio, founded by former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt… » 9/30/12 2:00pm 9/30/12 2:00pm

Curt Schilling: Our Amalur MMO 'Wasn't Fun'

Curt Schilling's 38 Studios fell apart due to a combination of poor management, bad decisions, and a whole lot of missed deadlines. And Schilling says their massively multiplayer online game—which was shuttered when the studio shut down earlier this year—just wasn't fun. » 7/23/12 6:30pm 7/23/12 6:30pm

Opening Origin Always Makes Me Feel a Little Bit Sad, These Days

I didn't always feel sad when I started up Origin. Vaguely annoyed, perhaps, with the way it always defaults to "Store" instead of "My Games." Somewhat grumpy, when confronted with bugs. But lately, I feel a little pang of woe. And it's not really from Origin at all.

No, what makes me sad is seeing the big, splashy tile … » 6/27/12 3:20pm 6/27/12 3:20pm

Curt Schilling Says Meddlesome Governor Ruined Amalur 2 Deal

Baseball star Curt Schilling is finally talking about the crumbling of his gaming company, 38 Studios, telling the Providence Journalthat comments about 38 by R.I. governor Lincoln Chafee killed a $35 million deal for a Kingdoms of Amalur sequel. » 5/29/12 12:45pm 5/29/12 12:45pm

Curt Schilling's Big Huge 38 Studios Debacle

For me, this week was great. The iOS title I am working on, Foodie Truck » 5/25/12 8:30pm 5/25/12 8:30pm, is coming along great. The FPS that I am working on, —Sorry, Adam—is also looking really amazing; both teams are killing it. Overall it was a bad day at the office for the industry, the state of Rhode…

Curt Schilling's Role-Playing Game Supposedly Needed to Sell 3 Million…

Yesterday, Curt Schilling bragged that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning beat EA's sales expectations. Today, Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee told reporters that Amalur needed to sell more than double that number just to break even. » 5/24/12 6:16pm 5/24/12 6:16pm

38 Studios and Big Huge Games Shutting Down [UPDATE]

Reports are circulating that Kingdoms of Amalur creators 38 Studios has shut down Big Huge Games, the developers who helped build the hit action RPG that came out earlier this year. If this is true, the shuttering of an entire studio would be the biggest bit of fallout yet from the 38 Studios/Rhode Island financial… » 5/24/12 3:10pm 5/24/12 3:10pm

The Week in Evil DLC

Downloadable content. Everyone hates it—but everyone buys it. Yes, even you in the comments, smart guy. Here's a look at the latest package of extensions and pre-order bonuses designed to crowbar the last dollar out of your wallet. Can you still respect yourself if you buy it? » 3/02/12 9:00pm 3/02/12 9:00pm

Video Games Are Easier Than Ever, Yet Harder To Manage

If you've played games for more than a decade, you've undoubtedly witnessed the ongoing evolution of the medium. Some see technology as the primary driver, and there's no question games look and sound better than ever. The rising tide of tech has lifted all boats, making it possible for even a small team of developers… » 2/21/12 8:00pm 2/21/12 8:00pm

This Video Makes the World of Amalur Seem a Lot Like the World of…

This video, released today by British site Zoomin.TV, shows us a side-by-side look at the world of recently-released Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning » 2/21/12 12:00pm 2/21/12 12:00pm and popular online game . The two of them do seem to share some similarities when stacked up like this — some of the forests, deserts, and giant tree ramps (!) have a lot…

See Curt Schilling Shilling Kingdoms of Amalur on Jimmy Fallon

38 Studios founder Curt Schilling uses tales of baseball triumphs past to hook Late Night host Jimmy Fallon and then brings Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning » 2/14/12 12:00pm 2/14/12 12:00pm in for the kill. While Schilling comes across as completely excited about the release of his company's first major game, Fallon himself looks like he'd much rather…