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Ten Awesome Anime Openings and Endings from Winter 2014

I love anime music. Long before I even took my first Japanese class, I was rocking out to anime theme songs. And as we have 47 new anime this season, that means we also have 47 new openings and endings—and that’s even without the new second half themes from the fall anime that are still on the air. » 2/25/14 7:00am 2/25/14 7:00am

Kill la Kill's First Half is Just Pure, Unfiltered Fun

There is no question that this season's break-out anime is Kill la Kill, the newest anime by the creators of Gurren Lagann. As it reaches its halfway point, it’s not hard to see why. It's a series that seems only concerned with one thing: having fun in the most awesome ways possible while taking you along for the ride. » 12/20/13 6:00am 12/20/13 6:00am