The Kill la Kill Game Sure Looks Nice

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Screenshot: Official Site

As teased last month, Arc System Works is releasing a Kill la Kill game. Here is its debut trailer.


Trigger, who did the original anime, is collaborating on the game, titled Kill la Kill the Game: IF.

APLUS is handling development duties, and Kill la Kill the Game: IF is slated for a 2019 release on PS4 and Steam.

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So, the animation (as early as it is) looks excellent. But I’ve got some questions:

1) Since this is clearly a 3D brawler, is it more of a DoA/Tekken style fighter, or a more run of the mill beat-em-up where we slice through a million copy-and-paste NPCs before reaching the final boss?

2) Will the English dub cast be an option? I actually liked most of the English VAs. Ryuko and Satsuki in particular fit perfectly. Since they finally released the dub for streaming, it’s at least a possibility, right?

3) What fighters will we get? Obviously we won’t know for awhile, but I really want to know who else will be in the game aside from the Kiryuin sisters. Are we getting the Elite Four? Nudist Beach? Bancho Mako? Nui? Ragyo? Any of the club leaders?

4) Sooooo... This “IF” thing. Does this mean we’re getting a Xenoverse type of scenario, where they throw a bunch of random what-ifs to change the story and reuse assets for multiple encounters? Because, honestly, I just want a fighting game. I’m not looking for a huge, involved story mode here.