Skylanders Completists, One of These New Wii Bundles Knows What You Want

Nintendo may have an all-new console coming out in justa few weeks, but that's not going to stop them from tempting folks to pick up a Wii any way they can. The company just announced two new bundles for their aging hardware, one of which is designed to get rabid toy collectors like Kotaku's own Mike Fahey shell out… » 10/24/12 8:45am 10/24/12 8:45am

The Year's Two Biggest Dance Games Are Now Out. Time For A Dance-Off.

Before I officially hung up my pointe shoes by their pink ribbons, I was a dancer. I practiced ballet, tap, pointe, and jazz. I did all this for 10 years. You could say I like dancing. » 10/16/12 1:00pm 10/16/12 1:00pm

Here Are A Bunch Of Ladies Dancing In Silly Clothing Because of Just…

I knew that dance games, like Ubisoft's Just Dance series, took an extraordinary amount of motion capture and choreography. But I admit that I never stopped to think about the costumed characters on-screen. Not only does the team have to capture dancers in motion... they need to outfit the dancers, too. » 10/05/12 3:40pm 10/05/12 3:40pm

Conan O'Brien Reviews Just Dance 4. Side Note: He's Also A Terrible…

I never realized how dangerous some of these dance moves look to be until Conan took it upon himself to review Just Dance 4 with Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan. » 9/27/12 2:00pm 9/27/12 2:00pm

Oh, The Pageantry! My Unofficial E3 Awards

I'll admit, after watching the E3 2012 press conferences at home on my couch while drinking Heineken and using a spray bottle on my 8-week-old kittens every time they used my scalp as a scratching post, I didn't have high hopes for the show floor. No Fable 4? No God of War 4? No Dreamcast 2? Pffh. Yawn. » 6/13/12 1:00pm 6/13/12 1:00pm

Just Dance 4 Will Include The Best Pop Song In History

It's true. Ubisoft's Just Dance 4, out this October for Wii, Xbox Kinect, and PlayStation Move, will feature Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe. » 6/04/12 7:09pm 6/04/12 7:09pm