Conan O'Brien Reviews Just Dance 4. Side Note: He's Also A Terrible Dancer.

I never realized how dangerous some of these dance moves look to be until Conan took it upon himself to review Just Dance 4 with Olympic gold medalist Alex Morgan.


I laughed at Conan's outside-the-box dance moves and interpretations of the dance cards, caught a glimpse of some Conan midriff, and learned about a revolutionary new game review scoring system. I'll have to ask Stephen if we can implement it to our own reviews.

Unfortunately the first song they pick is "Call Me Maybe." I hate to do that to you all, but it's Conan after all. At least Kirk and Jason will be happy.

In case any of you can't watch the YouTube video above, try the link below.

Conan O'Brien & Alex Morgan Review "Just Dance 4" [Team Coco]



why are all american female soccer stars so fuckin hot? (or is this the famous keeper?)