To-Do in Los Angeles: Go and Punch a Car Pinata to Celebrate 25 Years of Street Fighter

We've already shown you a sneak peek at the awesome art being created to celebrate the quarter-century birthday of Capcom's legendary fighting game series. And you can drool over a few more pieces in the gallery above. If you go to the Combo Attack Art Show at the IAm8-Bit gallery space, you'll see all of those and… »8/03/12 2:00pm8/03/12 2:00pm

These Games With Donut Whales and Robot Pickles Should Be A Real Thing

The Game Developers Conference sees a lot of creativity and interesting ideas pass through the halls of the convention center it's hosted at. Production company iam8bit put together their own creative project that spawned some abstract and quirky game ideas.

Using oversized fridge magnets—you know, the ones with… »3/29/12 12:00pm3/29/12 12:00pm

The Art Project That Took One Convention, 40 Hours And 5,760 Pixels To Complete

Pixel artiste Jude Buffum's interactive art installation "Painting with Pixels" slowly rendered over the course of five days at this year's Game Developers Conference, a project that you can now watch be constructed pixel-by-pixel in just two minutes, fourteen seconds worth of time-lapse photography, thanks to I Am… »3/16/11 3:40pm3/16/11 3:40pm