SOMA Is Scarier When The Monsters Aren’t Around

This picture of a mouse might be the scariest thing I encountered in all of SOMA. Now that I’m not playing the game, I can see that it is not, in fact, scary. Out of context, you might even find the picture funny. Yet while I was immersed in the game, feeling like I was Simon Jarrett lost in the wreckage of the … »10/02/15 6:30pm10/02/15 6:30pm

Interview: The Freaking Weird Mind of Sam Barlow, Creator of Her Story

Sam Barlow has enjoyed an interesting career reviving video game trends and franchises, where Serious Sam, the psychological thriller, and Silent Hill are among his personal handiwork. To that point, unorthodox clings to his resume: His first major game was a single-turn text adventure in 1999, and here in the year… »8/11/15 10:40am8/11/15 10:40am