Final Fantasy Creator's Next Game Is Just The Kind Of Complex, Meaty JRPG I've Been Waiting For

A long time ago, the combat in Japanese role-playing games was extraordinarily simple. Classic turn-based RPGs would hit you with a deluge of random and scripted battles. To beat them, you'd select options like "fight" or "magic" from a series of dropdown menus. You'd usually only die if you were under-leveled, in… » 6/12/12 2:30pm 6/12/12 2:30pm

Saluting Japan's Computer Graphics Pioneers

There was a revolution in the 1980s. It started in the military and the space industry, but it didn't use rockets or weapons. Instead, it used computers and floppy disks. The revolution was the proliferation of computer graphics, and it soon spread to entertainment.

"Japanese institutions were just as avid as its… » 2/28/12 4:01am 2/28/12 4:01am