So, It Seems Lil Wayne is Sampling Assassin's Creed Now (not Mass Effect)

This is "Trigger Finger" from Lil Wayne's newest album I Am Not a Human Being II, released Tuesday. But Mass Effect Assassin's Creed fans should recognize that opening sample, before it lights up a bowl and rolls into the filth-flarn-filth lyrics (so, yes, NSFW warning if you're listening around others over speakers.) »3/30/13 12:33pm3/30/13 12:33pm

This List of Video Games Sampled by Hip-Hop Artists Said Knock You Out

Rappers love Pac-Man. I mean, everyone loves Pac-Man. But this list at Spin's website—which catalogs 50 rap songs that have sampled game music for their beats—testifies to the abiding love affair MCs have for the hungry video game icon. There have been a lot of Super Mario samples and some genuine surprises—who… »10/18/12 2:30pm10/18/12 2:30pm

Dan Bull's Mass Effect Rap Rolls With An "Asari That's Older Than Atari"

Step aside, "Paragon | Renegade" by Adam WarRock. There's a new Mass Effect rap opus in town.* The Mass Effect Epic Rap—by Dan Bull, who we've featured around these parts before—offers up a clever rhyming synopsis of the events of the first two games in BioWare's hit series. I think my favorite line might be… »2/27/12 9:00am2/27/12 9:00am