MSI GS60 Ghost Ultra-Thin Gaming Notebook: The Kotaku Review

I've been having a torrid love affair with skinny gaming notebooks for several years now. Recently, each one I've tried has had one thing in common — Nvidia's GeForce GTX 765M graphics. MSI's GS60 Ghost is the first super slim gaming notebook to utilize Nvidia's 800m mobile graphics line, and it's made a massive… » 8/17/14 2:00pm 8/17/14 2:00pm

Elgato's New Video Capture Box Does 1080p At 60 Frames Per Second

Elgato's Game Capture HD is one of the most widely-used game video capture devices on the market — it's what many of us here at Kotaku used to grab gameplay footage. Today Elgato introduces it's next-generation capture device — the Game Capture HD60, capable of recording 1080p at 60 frames per second. » 8/11/14 1:30pm 8/11/14 1:30pm

How Do I Know When to Upgrade My PC or Just Build a New One?

Dear Lifehacker,
My computer is getting a little old. I built it myself, but I'm not sure whether it's worthwhile to upgrade individual things like my processor or video card or whether I should just start from scratch and build a new rig. How can I tell when it's time to upgrade and when I should start over? » 5/05/14 2:36pm 5/05/14 2:36pm