Today’s HP announced its new consumer virtual reality headset, the Reverb G2. The headset, available this fall for $600, includes a pair of Valve-designed 2K lenses, four-camera internal tracking, off-the-ear spatial audio, and support for Windows mixed reality. Preorders start *checks watch* now.

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This is exactly what VR needs. It’s a shame that the knuckles controllers form are still essentially Vive only (yes, I know that there are ways to kitbash them with other headsets), but $600 for convenient transportation, EXCELLENT optics and solid tracking? Yes please. The Rift S is $200 cheaper, but made some pretty intense compromises to get there. More things like this are a boon.

Though we do need some sort of wireless breakthrough. The solutions we have right now are either VERY inconsistent, or else wildly expensive (and doesn’t work with most things). Between WiFi 6 and 5G, we should be about there. Right? Right?