In the Guitar Hero That Never Got Made, People Can’t Even Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll

Quick question: does anyone remember the plot of Guitar Hero III? Does anyone remember if it had one? You might remember that Slash, Axl Rose and Bret Michaels showed up in the threequel, which was the first game in the franchise after it moved to Activision. But that's about all that was memorable about Guitar Hero… »8/27/12 2:30pm8/27/12 2:30pm


Dragonforce Song Pack Due Next Month For Guitar Hero III

As above. There's a notice on Roadrunner Records' site announcing that a Dragonforce song pack will be released for Guitar Hero III on August 21. It'll contain three songs: "Heroes Of Our Time", "Operation Ground And Pound" and "Revolution Deathsquad". And...yeah. Dragonforce. What, did your dog eat your Slayer song… »7/24/08 12:40am7/24/08 12:40am

Sony Tell Us Which God Of War Song Will Be Guitar Hero DLC

It was swell of Sony to bring a little parity to Guitar Hero's DLC, let PlayStation owners get their own console-specific, mascot-endorsed anthem to play with. While they made the initial announcement a few weeks ago, they neglected to tell us just which GoW song it would be. They have now: it'll be called "The… »6/04/08 10:20pm6/04/08 10:20pm